February 16, 2016


                The Mayor and Council of the Town of Vinton, Louisiana, met in regular session at the regular meeting place of said Mayor and Council, in the Town Hall, Vinton, Louisiana, at 6:00 p.m. on the 16th day of February, 2016, with the following members present:


                                                                                Kenneth O. Stinson, Mayor

                                                                                Bliss Bujard, Council Member

                                                                                William “BB” Loyd, Mayor-Pro-Tem

                                                                                Kevin Merchant, Council Member

                                                                                Paul Patin, Council Member

                                                                                Marcus Renfrow, Council Member


                                ABSENT:                               None


                                ALSO PRESENT:                                Cade R. Cole, Town Attorney


                                                                The following Reports were submitted:


                Total Payroll for January, 2016                                                        $   177,242.07

                                Total Receipts for January, 2016                                                     $1,203,001.92     

                                Total Disbursements for January, 2016                                          $1,620,069.50

                                Total Bills for January, 2016                                                             $   793,071.54




Kenneth O. Stinson, Mayor called the meeting to order and Pastor Rick Watson led in prayer, and then followed the Pledge of Allegiance.


                                It was moved by Council Member Merchant that the minutes of prior meetings as corrected, copies of which were mailed to each Council Member prior to the meeting, be approved as written.  The motion was seconded by Council Member Loyd and carried.


                                Mary Vice, City Clerk gave the monthly Administration Department report. 


                                Bills for the month of January, 2016, were approved and payment authorized upon a motion by Council Member Merchant, seconded by Council Member Renfrow and carried.


                                Mayor Stinson updated the governing authority on pending grants and projects.


                                The Mayor invited Mr. Boyd Parker to come forward and update the governing authority on the proposed hotel project.  Mr. Parker reported that the project had stalled for a bit, but was back on track.  He is working with “Cobblestone Hotels” to bring a 44 room hotel to the site.


                                Council Member Bujard gave his views on the pros/cons of the proposed “Workers Village” at the Vinton Port.  He stated that he just wanted the citizens to be aware of the project and what the advantages and disadvantages are and how it could possibly affect our community.  He also wanted to be clear that the governing authority of the town had no say or vote on the issue, but he would like to have a joint meeting with the port commissioners to discuss certain concerns that he has received from constituents.


                                Chief Ricky Fox gave the monthly police department report.


                                It was moved by Council Member Bujard and seconded by Council Member Loyd that the agenda be amended to add and item regarding purchase of new weapons for the police department personnel.  After calling for public comment, the vote cast thereon was as follows:


                                                                                YEAS  Council Members Bujard, Loyd, Merchant, Patin and Renfrow


                                                                                NAYS:  None


                                                                          ABSENT:  None


                                It was moved by Council Member Merchant that the Chief of Police be authorized to trade in old police department weapons and purchase at a cost of approximately $2000.00 new weapons for police personnel.  The motion was seconded by Council Member Renfrow and carried.


                                Terry Vice, Director of Public Works gave the monthly Public Works and Electrical Department reports.  Mr. Vice stated he was unable to have the Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Resolution ready for the meeting, so he will put it on the agenda for next month.


                                Jerry Merchant, Fire Chief gave the monthly fire and civil defense reports.


                                Mike and Kelly Fontenot requested an exception to the Mobile Home Ordinance at 2003 Perry Street, to allow for the hook-up of a travel trailer that would be used from time to time by family members.


                                After a lengthy discussion, it was moved by Council Member Merchant to table any decision on the Fontenot’s request until the March 15th, regular meeting of the council.  The motion was seconded by Council Member Loyd and carried.


                                 Ms. Martha Meaux was not present to make her request to the council.


                                Mr. Justin Laughlin was not present to discuss fireworks sales with the council.


                                Mrs. Keri McCorquodale, President of Solutions – Counseling and EAP, reviewed for the governing authority the programs offered by her company for the town employees.  The town having recently enrolled in the EAP program, would now be able to offer to their employees counseling services for work and/or personal issues benefiting themselves or family members.


                                Mr. Alvin Brass presented the proposed “Vinton Lodge” Project, (Workers Village) to be located at the Port of Vinton.  Following the presentation Mr. Brass answered questions and received comments from the council and public present.    


                                 There being no further business to come before the Governing Authority, it was moved by Council Member Bujard that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion was seconded by Council Member Renfrow and carried.                  


                                                                                                                                Kenneth O. Stinson, Mayor



Mary O. Vice, City Clerk