Vinton, Louisiana

March 27, 2007


The Mayor and Council of the Town of Vinton, Louisiana, met in special session at the regular meeting place of said Mayor and Council, in the Town Hall, Vinton, Louisiana, at 6:30 P.M., on the 27th day of March, 2007, after full compliance with all requirements as to notice and otherwise in respect to convening of said meeting with the following members present:


Kenneth O. Stinson, Mayor

Karen Douglass, Council Member

William B.B. Loyd, Council Member

Kevin Merchant, Mayor-Pro-Tem

Robert D. Tatum, Council Member

ABSENT: Edward J. Vice, Council Member


ALSO PRESENT: Thad Minaldi, Town Attorney


Kenneth Stinson, Mayor called the meeting to order and reported that the purpose of the meeting was as follows:


1.     To discuss and/or transact business pertinent to possible railroad crossing closures.


Mayor Stinson introduced Mark Suarez with Louisiana Department of Transportation, Paul

Rathgeber and Richard Washington with Union Pacific Railroad and turned the meeting over to them to discuss and answer questions regarding the proposed railroad crossing closures in Vinton.


Mr Suarez explained that the reason for the proposed closures are to improve the highway rail safety in Louisiana. He presented the governing authority and public present with a handout giving statistics and safety information supporting the proposed closures through out the state. (Exhibit A) He also presented a proposal offering four options for a crossing closure in the Town of Vinton for general discussion and review by the council and public present. (Exhibit B)


After the presentation the Council and several members of the public asked questions and stated their opinions regarding the proposed options for crossing closures.


Mr. Suarez informed the public that within the next two months they needed to review and give careful consideration to the proposed options and then relay their wishes to the council. The council will then have to make a decision based on the input they receive from the citizens.


There being no further business to come before the Governing Authority, it was moved by Council Member Merchant that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Council Member Douglass and carried.


Kenneth O. Stinson, Mayor




Mary O. Vice, City Clerk