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Vinton Iowa Web Site - click hereFrom: The City of Vinton, Iowa - JUNE 25, 2008,

To: Citizens of the Town of Vinton Louisiana:

We lost our fire department, our county jail, and our electrical plant – the community fought hard to save many things in town. These pictures were all taken the day before the river’s crest. click images below for larger view.

Vinton IA 2008 - 4155

Vinton IA 2008 - 4157

Vinton IA 2008 - 4163

Vinton IA 2008 - 4164

Vinton IA 2008 - 4166

The following is information regarding the Vinton Iowa Community Foundation:

The Vinton Iowa Community Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization, IRC 301 (a); that was established November 7, 1994. The purpose of the foundation is to receive and accept donations for educational, cultural, or charitable purposes. The Foundation then disburses the donations among local tax-exempt community organizations to support various projects. Though the use of these donations; the quality of life in the Vinton area is improved.

Over its lifetime, the foundation has provided over $98,000 to nonprofit groups and community projects. Each year the foundation distributes 100% of the interest earned and any donations which are not restricted. Restricted donations are either placed into the endowment or if for a specific use – distributed for that use.

The Foundation is managed by the five-member board of directors, who are appointed by various community organizations and serve limited terms. The organizations represented on the Board of Directors are:

  • Vinton - Shellsburg (Iowa) Community School District
  • Vinton Area Ministerial Association
  • Farmers Savings Bank & Trust – Vinton
  • Vinton Unlimited
  • Vinton City Council
  • Foundation positions are:
  • Secretary, John K Fischer, Attorney
  • Trustee, Farmers Savings Bank & Trust – Vinton
  • Accountant, Kerdus & Barron, PC

Contact information is:

Farmers Savings Bank & Trust
% Therese Foth, VP/Assistant Trust Officer
401 B Avenue
Vinton, IA 52349

The Vinton Community Foundation is now accepting funds for Vinton Flood Relief. The funds for immediate use will be disbursed by the Vinton Area Ministerial Association. Large requests will be decided by the entire Foundation Board and the Ministerial Association Board. 100% of funds donated for this cause will go out to flood victims.

Local VFW donations made.

Checks may be made payable to Vinton Community Foundation – Vinton Flood Relief and mailed to the above address.

Supplies may be sent to the following address:

Patricia Gilbaugh
905 D Avenue
Vinton, IA 52349


Wire instructions are as follows if you want to wire funds:

Bankers Bank Madison
Routing number or ABA Number 075912479

Vinton Iowa Web Site - click hereFor Credit to: Farmers Savings Bank & Trust – Vinton
Account number 073918459
For Further Credit to: VCF-Vinton Flood Relief Fund
401 B Avenue, Vinton IA 52349

319-472-2373, Attention Therese Foth


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